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We connect patients to emergency & critical care,
whether on the road, at home or away from specialist care. 

What We Do

Our art is providing medical monitoring and connecting the patient to critical care services.

Often a patient who is presenting as a bit unwell, actually is demonstrating signs of an impending catastrophe. We connect them to the experts who can help identify and manage their condition. Our ecosystem is affordable, clinically meaningful and simple to deploy.

We connect patients at every stage of their treatment and recovery to their care team.

Through our product ecosystem we connect clinicians to real time, actionable patient data. 



Our Ecosystem


Our video enabled & remote telemetry system for connecting patients to specialists whilst in transit. Supporting both first responders and ambulance services.


Our technologies are imbued with robust cyber security functionality to support patients and healthcare providers. 


Our remote critical care solution to connect patients for medical monitoring.


Our system is affordable with the intent on increasing access to medical monitoring.


Our wearable 4 parameter monitor for mobile patients, providing convenient and comfortable monitoring.


Our ecosystem has been developed with clinicians to ensue maximum clinical utility and ease of use. 


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Contact Us

We have offices in Australia, India & the UAE. Our team are ready to receive your enquiry.

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