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The Digitology Healthtech suite is available as an ecosystem or as stand alone products based on the need of the healthcare provider. Our solutions are flexible and are enabled by software systems that enable an organisation to manage the end to end of their own operations. 

In the event you are interested in collaborations, private label opportunities or tailored versions of our offering for your organisation, please reach out and a member of our team will be in contact with you. 

AmbulanceMe First Responder

Video enabled first on scene intervention

Equipped with our AmbulanceMe system, SmartICU and additional devices including AED for rapid insertion into an emergency and commence treatment. 


Video enabled ambulances

A full ambulance suite providing video streaming to the inbound emergency room, robust cyber security, fleet management and live vehicle tracking. 


Remote medical monitoring

6 parameter patient monitoring which connect to our central monitoring system, hub & spoke management system, nurse app and doctors app.


Continuous monitoring for mobile patients.

Wearable 4 parameter continuous monitoring tool equipped with doctor multi viewer platform. 

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