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Digitology Healthtech is a healthcare innovation company which brings together expertise and experience from Australia and India. The company was formed to tackle major challenges in healthcare which require clinical and affordable solutions to make meaningful changes to the patient journey. Our suite of products reflects the depth of skill, knowledge and experience in our team. 

With offices in Australia, India and the UAE, Digitology Healthtech is committed to providing solutions across the region. The day to day operations of the company is led my Michael Koss from Australia and Dr. Harsha Vardhan from India. 

Michael is a lawyer by background with specialist knowledge of patient privacy law and international data laws. Dr. Harsha  is the Founder and Managing Director of Medachievers, a respected and leading healthcare group with business across genomics, diagnostics, investment, digital health and M&A in healthcare. 


Providing patients access to critical care and emergency care is the driving force in the team. The reality globally is that access is limited due to the rarity of specialist clinicians and nurses, the geographic distribution of clinicians (largely favouring metro areas) and the high costs associated with providing such services. Accordingly, during development a critical concept was "can Digitology Healthtech create solutions which are so affordable even uninsured patients can afford them". This set a high benchmark for our company and forced rationaisation of supply chain, developing strong partnerships and managing the cost of every element that would form part of our ecosystem. 


Importantly, throughout the development process, clinicians were involved in the design and validation process to ensure that what was being created was meaningful and useful. 


The product of this work is now the Digitology Healthtech ecosystem which covers patients at home, on the road and at remote sites. Our price points are affordable and give healthcare providers a clear and easy pathway to deploy critical care services. 


If you would like to know more about our services and solutions, please do reach out to us. 

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